Scaling agile showdown

The Scaling Agile Showdown

Scaling agile showdown

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We’re very thankful that folks like Dean Leffingwell, Craig Larmann and Jeff Sutherland have built frameworks for scaling agility, as this has enabled many large companies (many that surpass pure software development) to embrace agile principles and values. These thought-leaders have made it possible for enterprises to grow their practicing of agile from  software departments to encompass the enterprise level spanning many types of development..

We must remember that “scaling agile” is not a solution to a one-dimensional problem; before settling on SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus, DAD or others, we must help the organizations get to their real ‘why’ of wanting to scale agile before choosing a framework. Ideally, in the spirit of learning, we should initiate pilots for several scaling frameworks to identify which one fits our enterprise the best before making the choice. And remember to first nail it, then scale it.

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